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Wednesday, December 1, 2010



Happy the 1st winter day! :-)

I don't know whether you enjoy it or not, I certaily do even if it's kind of hard when it's -25 C outside ;-P
Anyway, wherever you are, I hope you all are spending a nice time ;-)

And I have something nice to share, something very suitable for the day in my opinion.

I believe I haven't mentioned it yet, but I am a big fan of Pia Douwes, a Dutch singer and a musical actress. She performed a huge number of parts in musicals such as Chicago, Sunset Boulevard, We Will Rock You, 3 Musketiers and of course Elisabeth (which is the best musical in the world in my opinion).

Besides, Pia has a solo album of Maury Yeston's songs sung in German, "Dezemberlieder" or "December Songs". So, that's why I mean it's very suitable for today. Whichever season you listen to it you will find yourself looking around expecting for snowfall :-)

1. Dezemberschnee
2. Wo bist du jetzt?
3. Sag bitte nicht einmal hallo
4. Am Anfang der Liebe
5. Bücherstand im Regen
6. Großmutters Liebesbriefe
7. Wie sehr sehn ich mich
8. Im Traum hab ich dich gesehn
9. Am Fluss
10. Unendlich befreit

Download it HERE

For piano players who probably would like to play some songs from it there's is a book with the original songs in English. You can find it HERE

I hope you'll enjoy this stuff ;-)
Have a nice wintertime!


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